The Universe is the fifth and final level in Goat Evolution, where poop beings float in peace. There is only one goat in this level at any one time.

Shazaah Baah-lee Bahcus Caprichime

The background is dark blue with twinkling craps with shooting stars shooting across the screen instead of poop.

Recreating the UniverseEdit

Once the Ultimate being is leveled up (by combining more lower goats) to level 3, the option to recreate the Universe becomes available.

There are three steps to recreating the universe:

  • Step 1 - What is your favorite thing in the Universe?
    • Food
    • Technology/Video Games
    • Music
  • Step 2 - What is your favorite color?
    • Light blue
    • Greenish blue
    • Lilac/pink
    • Light green
    • Yellow
    • Orange
  • Step 3 - Before recreating this universe, the Ultimate Goat needs to know... Make a wish!
    • I wish for diamonds!
      • You start the next universe with extra diamonds (in addition to what you already have).
    • I wish for coin production bonus!
      • You start the next universe with a 10% coin production bonus (accumulative). Your coin display will show "x coins/sec +10%" etc.
    • I wish for another wish!
      • Text saying "Wish granted!" appears, then the Step 3 screen appears again.

Step 1 decides which alternate goats you unlock when you play through the app again. Step 2 decides the background colour for the next playthrough. Step 3 decides which bonus you receive.