Mars is an alternate planet unlocked with the World level, which comes with twelve new alien goats.

Unlocking Mars

When a player's first Alpineye is created (unlocking World level), an alien flies in and explains that his species would like to study their goats, and that he will trade rubies for the goats.

Players can then see a small image of Mars (above) on the bottom-right corner of the screen. When tapped, it takes the player to Mars, where they can purchase Alien Eggs with the rubies from the alien. The Alien Eggs will hatch Alien Goats, the smallest Mars goat and equivalent to Baby Goat, although they can be upgraded to hatch higher-level goats up to Gummybeard.

Alien goats

Alien Goat

Mars houses twelve types of alien goat, which with the exception of the Nightbaahre, are all slightly modified versions of their Earth equivalents. Each Mars goat are also at the same level as their equivalent.

  1. Mars Ground
    1. Alien Goat
    2. Evolved Alien Goat
    3. Gentlegoat
    4. Dusthorn
    5. Gummybeard
    6. All-Bleating Eye
  2. Mars Plains
    1. Bellymancer
    2. Chifruplo
    3. SpaceGoatzilla
    4. Ecapribrist
    5. Goartset
    6. Nightbaahre



Mars has only one upgrade, which is Alien Egg Quality. Alien Egg Quality can be upgraded with rubies through the upgrade shop to give a better chance of them hatching better goats, up to Gummybeard. The upgrade shop is accessible by tapping the Upgrades button (right).

Alien Egg Quality's equivalent on Earth is Crate Quality.

Sadly, no Goat Magnet is available on Mars.


There are four achievements related to and/or that take place in Mars.

Space Invader: Discover Planet Mars

Classified Report: Discover all goats from Mars

Goatbusiness: Sell 100 goats to the Martian

Shine Like Diamonds: Sell 2 Nightbaahres to the Martian

Nightbaahre Exchange

When a player's first Nightbaahre (the final Mars goat) is created, the Martian will appear for the first time on Mars. He thanks you for your business with him, and explains that he will now trade diamonds for bigger goats, such as Nightbaahres. Each Nightbaahre sells for 30 diamonds.

When two Nightbaahres are sold to the Martian, the achievement Shine Like Diamonds is unlocked.