The Farm is the first level in Goat Evolution, where crates, berries and news boxes are delivered. Crates must be emptied and goats fused or the level will become full. The maximum number of goats in this level is 16. The following goats can be found on this level:

Baby Goat Right arrow Adult Goat Right arrow Goatant Right arrow Caprivoyant Right arrow Baelder Right arrow Eye of Provibex

The background is a simple farm pen, the same as in Cow Evolution. A warning screen appears if you try to purchase additional goats when the area is full.

Due to the design of the game, a simple mathematical calculation can be done to figure out or track how many fusions* are required to attain a certain level: 2^x - 1

  • Baby Goat: 2^0 - 1 = 0 fusions
  • Adult Goat: 2^1 - 1 = 1 fusion
  • Goatant: 2^2 - 1 = 3 fusions
  • Caprivoyant: 2^3 - 1 = 7 fusions
  • Baelder: 2^4 - 1 = 15 fusions
  • Eye of Provibex: 2^5 - 1 = 31 fusions

(*This assumes that all crates start as Baby Goat, and the Crate Quality upgrade has not been purchased, allowing more mature goats to be delivered.)